UsherHub is a non-profit organization established with the goal of implementing breakthrough research in the field of Retinitis Pigmentosa and Neuro Ophthalmic degenerative disease toward clinical treatment of Usher1 syndromes.

Researchers and clinicians involved in the development of treatments for retinal degeneration diseases, have a long complex path before efficiently transferring their research results from the lab to the phase of clinical trials and therapeutic treatment.

While focusing on the research targets, lack of information on various syndromes, may miss the potential of implementing the research to Usher1 treatments.

Our goal at UsherHub is to help researchers and clinicians to implement their research effort to the field of Usher1 syndrome and assist in shortening the launching time of clinical trials and the transfer to the therapeutic phase.

UsherHub is currently establishing a comprehensive database, taking into account a multidisciplinary approach. The database includes:

  • Retinal degenerative process in RP, USH1 and USH1C.
  • Retinal degeneration delaying drugs and treatment developments.
  • Retinal drugs administration techniques.
  • Animal models.
  • Prevalence and global distribution of USH1 mutations.

UsherHub collaborates with Usher2020 For further information please contact us at:

This website is under construction.
More information will follow after the ARVO 2017 conference.